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About US

Founded by Ed Stolman, a visionary who pioneered the region's first olive mill, The Olive Press has been shaped by a dedication to quality and sustainability. Ed's values set the foundation for everything we do today.

In 2013, Ed entrusted the legacy he built to his dear friends, Nancy and Fred Cline, who became the proud stewards of The Olive Press. They embraced the responsibility of continuing Ed's journey, upholding the same principles The Olive Press was founded on. 

Nancy and Fred not only continue the stewardship of The Olive Press but also Ed's passion for excellence in olive oil. They took on the challenge with a deep respect for tradition, and a commitment to producing oils that not only meet but exceed the high standards set by Ed. 

Our commitment to quality, care, and sustainability is a testament to the values instilled by Ed Stolman and embraced by Nancy and Fred Cline. We honor the legacy that started with a vision and continues with the love for exceptional olive oil. 




We believe sustainable practices, carefully tended fruit and mindful farming builds the foundation for quality. Our mission is to always delight our customers with artisan foods and collectibles that they can enjoy and savor as part of their healthy and happy life. We insist on using only the best hand-harvested fruit, traditional milling, patient racking, taste evaluation and small lot bottling.

We are proud and honored to help educate, share and sustain the rich tradition of making olive oil with our local community and our worldwide customers. Our mantra is to uphold Ed Stolman's vision and carry it forward from the sun, to the soil, to the branch, to the bottle, to the table.



From our grove to your Table - Our Process



Our Groves

Our groves are absolute magic, situated mostly in the local Petaluma hills, they are perhaps the most beautiful part of the olive oil making process. We grow 40 acres of our own organic olive trees on our Catapult Estate in Sonoma County. Cultivating our olives using organic and sustainable farming methods ensures soil heath and biodiversity.

We also work with small farmers in Northern California to source the best olives for our oils. Supporting small scale farmers and promoting local agriculture isn't just a choice, it’s a passion. By growing or sourcing California olives we reduce freight contributing to the economic sustainability. We are proud to only make olive oil from 100% California Grown Olives!




Good things take time and hard work and that includes olive oil, which is why we choose to handpick all of our olives. Although slower, handpicking ensures the delicate flavors and aromas of the olives are preserved from tree to table. Truly a labor of love, this hard work is the backbone of our operation and guarantees only the best quality olives are chosen for our oils.

We begin by strategically laying down tarps beneath the olive trees so we can effectively collect all the olives. Our handheld electric rake delicately combs the tree without causing damage, and as electric rakes work, the olives fall onto the waiting tarps. Making it easy for our team to gather the olives and bring them to milling.

Olive Groves

Milling & Our Press

If visiting the olive press during harvest, there will be an undeniable aroma of fresh olive oil in the air coming from our press. Our olives are milled within 24 hours of being picked to preserve maximum flavor and freshness.

Once the olives arrive to the mill and are cleaned, our Pieralisi Hammer Mill crushes the whole olives into a paste squeezing the oil completely out of the olives. The resulting paste travels through the malaxer and decanter, separating out the solids, and we're left with our liquid gold.


To Your Table

Quality is the heart of what we do at The Olive Press. From our carefully tended groves to the hand-bottling and labeling process, we're committed to bringing you the most exceptional olive oils.

This isn't just about olive oil; it's about simplicity and authenticity. We're honored to have our oils grace your table, enhancing your meals and becoming a staple in your kitchen.

Explore our recipes to see how our olive oils can elevate your dishes. From our groves to your table!

To Your Table